Homemade Cuisine

The Alzire team offers high-quality cuisine made from fresh ingredients, often sourced from local producers, while ensuring to cater to everyone’s budget. On the restaurant menu, you’ll find well- crafted dishes that frequently evoke a sense of travel.

The Alzire kitchen team enjoys spices and exotic flavors but also presents more traditional recipes. In the evening, the menu features burgers, homemade fries, and other tempting delights.

Brasserie-style Lunch

Every day, the Alzire offers a quality, diverse, and quick lunch formula that meets the expectations of an increasingly numerous clientele gathering around the inn’s tables for the midday break. The formula includes a daily starter, main course, and dessert for only €16.50. The menu is kept simple to focus on the values we uphold: quality and customer satisfaction.

Alzire Evenings

From Tuesday to Saturday evening, the doors of the inn open to the public, inviting everyone to sit at a table or lean against the bar in a warm atmosphere full of life, laughter, and good spirits. If the atmosphere is less formal than in a “classic” restaurant, it’s because the inn regularly hosts various events. You might have the opportunity to come across a concert, a play, or any other event organized by the association La Moustache, which collaborates with us on the cultural programming of the venue.


If your day has been long, and you prefer to stay comfortably at home without having to cook, no problem! The Alzire kitchen is also available for take away meals! Place your order by phone and come pick up your menu; it will be prepared in just a few minutes.

On the menu: various burgers, fondu, vegetarian plate, spicy dish… and always homemade fries! The Alzire is available for take aways from Tuesday to Saturday evenings and at lunchtime depending on the restaurant’s demandes. A loyalty card is available (€10 purchase = 1 Moustache point / 10 Moustache points = €10 discount).

On the Beach !

Shellfish and crustaceans, melted cheese, and a little rosé…

L’Alzire offers you a terrace to enjoy the end of the day while sipping a cocktail or tasting a small plate!.

See you soon, the feet in the fan!


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